Concept design

AHTS 170 ton BP


Length overall 76.60 m
Length p.p. 68.20 m
Breadth moulded 17.00 m
Design draught 5.30 m
Maximum draught 6.10 m
Bollard pull 170 tonnes


Speed 15 knots
Dead weight 3200 tonnes
Main engines 2 x 5400 kW
Auxiliary engines 2 x 500 kW
Shaft generators 2 x 2200 kVA
Bow thrusters 2 x 650 kW
Stern thruster 1 x 650 kW
AHT winch 350 tonnes
External fire-fighting class 1
Deck crane 2.5 t @ 10 m
Dynamic positioning DP-2 class
Accommodation 31 persons


Fuel oil 1000 cu m
Water ballast / drill water 1400 cu m
Fresh water 610 cu m
Liquid mud 940 cu m
Dry bulk 200 cu m (4 tanks)
Brine 400 cu m
Oil recovery 1250 cu m
Rig chain lockers 140 cu m
Deck cargo 1000 t
Deck area 580 sq m

RMDC 8176 AHTS project is continuation of previous successful Project 1674. Facing increasing demands for deep water operations with eco-friendliness in mind we propose new cost-effective, powerful vessel with excellent capacities.
Its periodically unattended propulsion plant including main engines of 5400 kW each gives 170 tonnes bollard pull and 15 knots maximum cruising speed. Three tunnel thrusters provide good manoeuvrability and together with high-lift rudders enable position keeping with DP-2 class system fitted.
Vessel is fitted with 350 ton anchor handling / towing winch. 580 square meter working deck provides large space for 1000 tonnes of cargo or anchor handling operations.
With 3200 tonnes dead weight the vessel is ready to carry considerable amount of multiply cargoes in her tanks including fuel oil, liquid mud, brine, fresh water, dry bulk and drill water. Thanks to multi-function tanks the vessel can also carry over 1200 cubic meters of recovered oil.

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