Completed projects

ASD harbour tug


Length overall 30.30 m
Length waterline 29.60 m
Breadth moulded 9.80 m
Depth to main deck 4.85 m
Design draught 3.65 m
Draught max. 4.60 m
Deadweight 210 ton
Speed 13.3 kn.
Bollard pull ab 45 t
Crew 5/8



Vessels built 1
Builder Remontowa Shipbuilding S.A.
Gdansk, Poland

Centaur II is a multipurpose ASD tug which can be used either for harbour or for sea going operation. The vessel has gathered great appreciation from the owner and the crew. Two strong rudder propellers at aft side of the hull allow the vessel not only operate at harbour area but also travel deep into the Sea as an escort tug. One of the most attractive characteristics of this tug boat is the same bollard pull when pulling astern as ahead. This is a result of specially designed hull form. In addition, the tug boat is equipped with a 50 tons towing hook for towing operation mainly in harbour and also at sea. The harbour tug is equipped with two towing bitts and two towing winches with 150KN pulling force in aft and fore part of the vessel which are used mostly at sea.
Additional feature of the vessel is an External Fire Fighting System capable of 250 m³/hr water-foam spray from a monitor assembled on the wheelhouse top. Also a water curtain is arranged on decks.
The vessel is designed from scratch up to as built documentation by RMDC.