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Coral Methane LNG/LEG/LPG Carrier


Length over all 117.80 m
Breadth, moulded 18.60 m
Depth 10.60 m
Draught, scantling 7.15 m
Deadweight 4700 t
Speed 14/15.5 kn (LNG/HFO)


Heavy fuel oil
7500 cu m
640 cu m
MDO 120 cu m
lubricating oil 30 cu m
water ballast 2500 cu m
Freshwater 150 cu m
LNG engines (2x) Bergen KVGB-12G4 2380kW
HFO engines (2x) Bergen B32:440L8A 3840 kW
Accommodation 19 persons


BV: I *HULL *MACH *AUT-UMS,Liquified gas carrier,
Unrestricted Navigation,ICE CLASS IB, MON-SHAFT,
Panama Canal, Suez Canal, USCG

Vessels built 1
Builder Remontowa Shipbuilding S.A.
Gdansk, Poland

The Coral Methane is a combined LNG, LPG and athylene carrier. Corgos are transported in two independent tanks and two grades can be carried and cooled. Inert gas plant provides inetring and changes of grade.

The vessel is fitted with diesel/gas - electric propulsion system. It combines electric generating system able to run on LNG cargo boil-off gas (BOG) when in LNG service or to run on heavy fuel oil (HFO) when in ballast condition or carrying other gas cargos.

During International Maritime Exhibition Baltexpo 2009 Coral Methane received the Golden Anchor Award founded by Polish Chamber of Commerce.
The vessel is desined in cooperation with TGE design office.