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RMDC 3312 Rescue and Salvage Ship

RMDC 3312 Rescue and Salvage Ship

The main purpose of the ship  will be to perform search and rescue operations as well as assistance to distressed submarine and performance of diving support activities.


Length 105,3 m
Breadth 18,0 m
Design Draft 5,0 m
Speed (max) 18 w
Speed (service) 14 w
Displacement abt. 6 000 t
Capacity: Fuel abt. 1 000 m3
Capasity: Fresh water abt.  400 m3

Ship capabilities include Search and Rescue activity as part of national SAR system ,  off-ship firefighting, retraction of grounded vessels, manned diving operations including emergency evacuation, search, detection and identification of sunk Navy equipment. The ship will be able to stay at sea for 30 days without calling into port.


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