Completed projects

RMDC 2886 Cable laying vessel


Length overall 95.82 m
Length b.p 84.90 m
Breadth moulded 21.50 m
Depth to main deck 8.80 m
Max draught 7.20 m
Speed 14 km
Crew members 60 (twenty two (22) single cabins + nineteen (19) double cabins)
HFO capacity 1200 cu m
Fresh water 650 cu m
Cables (two (2) cable carousels) 4250 tons
Aft Deck area 250 sq m


The vessel complies with the Det Norske Veritas (DNV) rules and regulations.
1A1, E0, Clean Design, Cable Lay Vessel, Naut AW, DYNPOS-AUTR, Comf-V(3)-C(3), BIS, SPS


Four (4) Diesel generator engines of each 1750 ekW at1800 rpm
One (1) Emergency diesel generator set 163 ekW at1800 rpm


Two (2) Azimuth Propellers of each 2200kW in nozzlesTwo (2) Bow tunnel thrusters of each 1200 kW
One (1) Electric driven retractable/swing-up azimuth thrusters forward 880 kW


One (1) Electro-Hydraulic deck crane SWL 5 Te/10 t, max working radius 24 m/15 m, rotational range 360 degrees
One (1) Electro-Hydraulic deck/provision crane SWL 2 Te, max working radius 15 m, rotational range 360 degrees
Two (2) Electric overhead crane SWL 5 t, max working radius 15 m, rotational range 360 degrees
Two (2) electric mooring winches of each 10 tons


One (1) MOB boat / FRC boat with diesel driven water jet, complete with davit
Two (2) life rafts with davit
Lifejackets and life buoys


One (1) complete launch- and recovery system (LARS) for Trencher Remote Operate Vehicle (TROV) installed in the TROV hangar

One (1) A-Frame 20T SWL
Two (2) Workboats with davit system
Cable Lay Systems for cable lay operations comprising of:

  • Four (4) 8T and two (2) 2T Tensioners
  • Cable deployment bow
  • Two (2)  25T A&R (Abandon & Recovery) winch
  • Two (2) Cable carousels with spooling arms

The high-tech cable lay vessel „Siem Almery” has been specially designed for the installation and repair of medium and high voltage submarine cables. Having two carousels low in the vessel’s hull and a hangar-based cable deck, she is specifically designed to work in the adverse weather conditions. Design was done in close cooperation with VARD design which prepared initial design and the majority of basic documentation while RMDC made part of basic (complete electrical) and a complete detail documentation.

Siem Almery was built at Remontowa Shipbuilding S.A. and delivered to Norwegian Owner SIEM OFFSHORE AS in Apil 2016.