Completed projects

RMDC 2879 ACV 108 TEU


Length, o.a. 74.20 m
Length, b.p. 70.01 m
Breadth, mld 15.20 m
Depth to main deck 8.40 m
Draught, design 4.00 m
Draught, scantling 6.00 m
Deadweight at design draught 800 t
Deadweight at scantling draught 2700 t
Container capacity 118 TEU
Endurance 27 days
Cruising range 7700 Nm
Speed 12.5 kts
Crew 14+2 persons
Day passengers 12 persons


DNV +1A1 General Cargo / Container Carrier PC6 TMON E0 NAUT-AW DG-P BIS CLEAN BWT-T DAT(-35°C) hull - PC5

The vessel to meet DP-0 requirements.


Fuel oil 300 m3
Fresh water 38 m3


Hatch covers  
Folding type hydr. operated 4 pcs
Lift away 1 pc
Cargo cranes 1 x 25 t /19.0 m
  1 x 45 t/18.5 m
Rotary vane steering gear 1 pc
Schilling type rudder 1 pc
Fwd tunnel thruster 1 x 400 kW
Aft tunnel thruster 1 x 300 kW


Main engine 1 x 2040 kW
Reduction gear with PTO for shaft gen 1 pc
CP propeller 1 pc
Diesel engine driven generators 2 x 450 kW
Shaft generator 1 x 450 kW
Emergency / harbour generator 1 x 200 kW

RMDC 2889 design. Arctic service container/supply vessel of 108 TEU capacity. Design meets strong Owner’s demands related to harsh climate, including temperature falling to minus 40 degrees C. RMDC delivered complete basic and detail design. Two vessels have been built at Remontowa Shipbuilding, completed in 2016 they are ready for service.