Completed projects

Rapid Intervention Vessel


Length overall 39,30 m
Length (pp) 34,65 m
Breadth moulded 8,00 m
Depth moulded 4,00 m
Design draft 2,50 m
Speed 16,5 kn.
Bollard pull 25 t
Crew 10 p.
Deadweight 60 t


LRS: X100A1, SSC Workboat, MONO

Vessels built 1
Builder Remontowa Shipbuilding S.A.
Gdansk, Poland

Vessel has been built as a Rapid Intervention Vessel (RIV) capable of flexible operation, carrying out a wide range of attendance, carriage, lifting and deployment of navigation buoys, service and towing of Major Floating Aids to Navigation, hydrographical works in addition. The prime task, however, is emergency wreck intervention and wreck and obstruction location and marking including:

  • Carry out up to 340 days per year of service at sea.
  • Transit to and locate a wreck site, deploy emergency wreck markers and maintain surveillance on the site.
  • Deploy a RACON radar beacon from an elevated position to maximise horizon and minimise interference. Carry statutory lighting and shapes to self mark underwater obstruction.
  • General attendance, carriage, lifting and deployment of class 3, 4 and 5 type navigation buoys and their moorings with facilities to carry two class 3 buoys and their moorings aboard the vessel. 
  • Provide a stable working platform for attendance of buoys and Major Floating Aids to Navigation (MFAs), wrecks or other hazards to Navigation, at sea.
  • Provide safe access to Major Floating Aids to Navigation (MFAs).
  • Tow Major Floating Aids.
  • Carry out survey work to Hydrographical Office requirement, a small tethered ROV for wreck, obstruction and mooring inspections to be deployed over side and operated from Wheelhouse.

In certain circumstances all these operations may need to be carried out at night thus excellent levels of artificial lighting are to be provided on working decks and over sides and stern.Vessel is a mono-hull design of a welded steel construction and deckhouses of welded aluminium construction. The vessel is propelled by twin diesel engines driving twin controllable pitch propellers through reduction gearboxes.
The vessel is equipped with sophisticated equipment for hydrographical survey, DP and thermal night vision system.
Remontowa Marine Design & Consulting Sp. z o.o. carried out Class and workshop drawings as well as building supervision.