Concept design

RMDC 8670 Wind-Farm Maintenance Vessel


Length overall 70,00 m
Length between perpendiculars 63,60 m
Breadth moulded 15,50 m
Design draught 6,60 m


Speed 12,5 knots
Dead weight 2100 tonnes
Generating sets 2 x 2300 kW
Electric propulsion engines 2 x 1500 kW
Bow thrusters 2 x 650 kW
Deck crane 2,5 t @ 10 m
Dynamic positioning DP-2 class
Accommodation 46 persons


Fuel oil 1600 cu m
Water ballast  1000 cu m
Fresh water 500 cu m
Deck cargo 1000 t
Deck area 440 sq m

Following the growing demand for deep water offshore wind-farms and need for maintenance operations to be carried out by wind-farm operator Remontowa Marine Design & Consulting has introduced a new ship design having symbol RMDC 8670 WMV. It is a Wind-Farm Maintenance Vessel specially conceived to satisfy general demands of the offshore wind-farm industry like transfer of engineers and service personnel, carriage of fuel oil , freshwater and spare parts to and from the wind turbines and associated platforms. This is an appropriate type of the vessels for deep water offshore wind-farms standing operated from shore.
The main idea was to design a vessel capable of providing enough comfort for a team of specialists working during a month around the wind turbines and ensuring safe boarding of these specialists onto the wind turbine construction. At the same time the vessel should have low operation cost in comparison with standard PSVs modified for this purpose.
The vessel provides a safe accommodation for up to 46 crew and engineers what maximizes the number of productive man-hours for maintenance of the wind turbines. The personnel is lodged in comfortable single-berth cabins. The accommodation includes high standard recreation and catering compartments like cinema, gymnasium, day room, large mess room, pantry, smoking room, conference room, hospital with sick bay, ship’s and client’s offices. Accommodation areas are entirely air conditioned and designed with special care for low vibration and noise level to improve comfort of the personnel and the engineers.

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