Completed projects

Search & Rescue Vessel


Length overall 36,9 m
Length p.p. 33,85 m
Breadth, moulded 8,1 m
Depth to main deck 3,9 m
Design draught 2,5 m
Speed(service) 15 knots
Speed(max) 24 knots
Crew members 7 off
Construction material Aluminum



Vessels built 1
Builder Remontowa Shipbuilding S.A.
Gdansk, Poland

The project is based on a RMDC concept design ordered by client for tender purposes. RMDC SAR3000 is a single deck Search and Rescue Vessel with three screws – centre screw driven by maximum speed diesel engine - 2040 kW and two outers driven by service speed diesel engines - 1440 kW for each screw.  Vessel is designed for all-year operation on Baltic Sea, the hull has strengthening which allows the ship to sail unaided occasionally in fine ice pieces of non-Arctic seas.

The vessel is designed for:
- salvage operations.
- searching of shipwrecked persons
- provide medical first aid to victims
- towing and escort services at sea in A2 area,
- external fire fighting with water monitor,

Rescue Equipment:
- fast Rescue Boat stored on board of the mother ship - docking station in aft part,
- thermal night vision camera for searching of shipwrecked persons,
- two (2) complete man overboard system,
- towing winch with 27 t pull at 1st layer.