Completed projects

Shetland Islands Ferry


Length over all 35.5 m
Length b.p. 30.30 m
Breadth moulded 9.0 m
Depth moulded 4.2 m
Cars 9 off
Trailer 1 off
Passenger capacity 30 persons
Crew 5 persons
Speed 12 knots


LRS:+100 A1 +LMC, Roll-On/Roll-Off Passenger/Vehicle Ferry
     Specified Route Service, IWS

Vessels built 1
Builder Remontowa Shipbuilding S.A.
Gdansk, Poland

m/f Filla were built for Shetland Islands Council in 2003. The ferry may carry not only cars and passengers but also the cargo in refrigerated holds being operated with telescopic knuckle boom crane . Basic project were delivered by Client, RMDC prepared technical and workshop documentation.