On June 26, 2024, the fourth Kormoran II-class minehunter, ORP Jaskółka, was launched at the Remontowa Shipbuilding!

Remontowa Marine Design & Consulting had the honor of designing this vessel, which will significantly contribute to strengthening the Polish Navy. Kormoran II are highly maneuverable vessels (Voith-Schneider propulsion) with low physical field signatures, making them indispensable for maritime critical infrastructure surveillance missions as well as protection of Poland's territorial waters. Designed with modern defense requirements in mind, they are adapted to modern challenges and threats. Their equipment includes modern navigation, sonar, and detection systems, allowing them to successfully conduct missions in difficult conditions.

Our design office, in cooperation with the client, consistently aims to introduce solutions in line with the requirements of the battlefield, as evidenced by the implementation of projects such as Kormoran II. This milestone could take place thanks to the hard work and commitment of our team and our partners. ORP Jaskółka exemplifies the highest technological and engineering standards we apply in our projects.

We are extremely proud to contribute to the history of the Polish Navy by providing it with the most modern units.

We thank everyone involved in this project.