According to the intent of Piotr Soyka, the founder and long-term chairman of the board of Remontowa Shiprepair Yard and then Remontowa Holding S.A., REMONTOWA HOLDING Capital Group will continue its current activity. The ownership structure of the company in the dominant part will remain unchanged and the existing status quo of the whole company will be preserved in this respect.

The stakeholders are of the opinion that the strong position of the “Remontowa” brand, developed over the years and established in the world, as a private company with Polish capital, offering stable jobs and opportunities for professional development, and at the same time being the flagship of Pomerania and the entire Polish Coast, should continue to strengthen and develop. At the same time, they express their belief that REMONTOWA HOLDING Capital Group, thanks to tireless actions and great commitment of its Founder, with the cooperation of many people, as well as thanks to the selection of appropriate staff, has been prepared in the best possible way to achieve this goal.

In order to ensure the smooth continuation of REMONTOWA HOLDING Group, detailed solutions will be developed and announced in due time.

In order to administer and ensure continuity of management of the Group in the transitional period, the Supervisory Board of Remontowa Holding S.A. has seconded Mr. Ryszard Bartelik, who was responsible for the owner’s supervision in the companies of the whole Group, to perform the duties of the CEO of the Management Board of this company for the period of 3 months.


Grzegorz Landowski
Communications Director at REMONTOWA HOLDING S.A.