4036 LNGC 5000 DF DE

Project Description

LNGC 7500 DF DE is a concept of LNG short sea delivery and storage vessel.

Diesel Electric propulsion system based on dual fuel generators, provides flexible operations at any speed and low emission operation.

Azimuthing thrusters significantly improves maneuverability of the vessel, which will be of a benefit in narrow ports and heavy weather conditions. 

Implemented Ice Class provides safe operation in area with ocasionally icing of the ports / bunkering jettys. 
Hybrid system installation can be optionally installed to improve operations economy, and increase main machinery operations life. 



  • Two Dual Fuel LNG/MDO Generator Sets
  • Two independent IMO type C bi-lobe LNG cargo tanks
  • Two azimuth stern thruster and bow thruster for high manoeuvrability
  • Electro-hydraulic knuckle boom crane on manifold deck for efficient cargo hose handling
  • OPTIONAL: Hybrid propulsion system


  • Crew: 20 persons
  • LNG capacity: 5 000 m3
  • Discharging pumps (deep well): 2x 550 m3/h
  • Hose handling crane: 4T @ 18,5 m


Bureau Veritas (or equivalent)

Class I *Hull *Mach, Liquefied Gas Carrier type 2G, Unrestricted navigation, ICE CLASS IB, INWATERSURVEY *AUT-UMS, AVM-APS, CLEANSHIP, COLD

Main Particulars

  • Vessel Type: Gas Carrier
  • Length over all: 112,60 m
  • Breadth moulded (max): 18,60 m
  • Height (to main deck): 10,60 m
  • Draught (design): 6,80 m
  • Speed max: 15,5 kn

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