4222 Ro-Pax

Project Description

Concept design, the first of three Ro-Pax ferries for the company Polskie Promy, prepared by Remontowa Marine Design & Consulting.

Vessels used for transporting both car cargo  (Ro-Ro, from the English term Roll-on/Roll-off) and passengers (Pax, short for passengers).

The ferries will each operate with four highly efficient Dual-Fuel LNG/Diesel engines with battery support in a hybrid system. This innovative approach will significantly reduce CO2 emissions - by about a quarter compared to traditional solutions.

The vessels will have an overall length of 195 metres and will be capable of carrying 400 passengers, with 4,100 lane metres for vehicles. They will operate between Swinoujscie in Poland and the Swedish port of Ystad.



  • Four LNG engines with battery assistance in a hybrid system
  • Three car decks – efficient loading system (stern and bow loading directly on two decks and four pcs of tiltable ramps)
  • Two azimuth thrusters at the stern and two bow thrusters at the bow for high manoeuvrability


  • Crew: 50 persons
  • Passengers: 400 persons
  • Total Lane Meters: 4100 m



+1A Ferry (A), Gas fuelled LNG, ICE (1B), BWM(T), Clean, Comf(V-2), E0, BIS, Battery (Power) , Shore power, SRtP, LCS

Main Particulars

  • Vessel Type: Ro-Pax
  • Length over all: 195,60 m
  • Breadth moulded (max): 32,20 m
  • Height (to main deck): 9,50 m
  • Draught (design): Approx. 6,30 m
  • Speed max: 19 kn

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