4513 Eco LCO2 Carrier 4000m3

Project Description

RMDC 4513 Eco LCO2 Carrier 4000m3 designed for carrying liquid carbon dioxide CO2. Our Eco, Dual fuel, LCO2 carrier will use methanol as a main fuel to cut significantly CO2 and other emmissions. Alternatively can use MDO for propulsion. Two independent C-type tanks allow carry up to 4000m3 of liquid CO2.



  • Dual Fuel Methanol/MDO Main Engine
  • Two independent C-type tanks to carry approx. 4000m3 of liquid CO2.
  • Tunnel thruster at the bow for high manoeuvrability
  • Hose handling crane (1.5T @16m)


  • Crew: 12 persons
  • Liquid CO2: 4000 m3
  • Methanol: 200 m3
  • MDO: 80 m3
  • Fresh Water: 80 m3



✠ 1A1 Tanker for Liquefied Gas, LFL fuelled, BWM-T, E0, BIS

Main Particulars

  • Vessel Type: Gas Carrier
  • Length overall: 108,00 m
  • Breadth moulded: 18,00 m
  • Draught (design): 5,00 m
  • Height to Main Deck: 9,20 m
  • Speed max: 12 kn

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