Our Services

Our design office provides all services related
to naval architecture and marine engineering
for all type of vessels and floating structures.

Our team comprise of more than 100 engineers in alldisciplines required
for successful project realization.

In our structure we have departments for following areas:

  • Naval architecture
  • Hull structure and ship theory department
  • Deck machinery and interior design department
  • Machinery and piping department
  • Electrical department
  • Project Management department


Our extensive experience in newbuilding
and conversions is one of keys to providing
consulting services for owners and yards.

We can provide You with analyses of requirements for new vessel,
conversion of existing one or just check ideas and concepts if they
can be executed with required economical outcome.

Newbuilding Designs

We can offer variety of tailor made services
in area of consulting, eg:

  • Material mass and cost estimation
  • Evaluation of main parameters of the vessel in regards of initial
    owner assumptions
  • Initial power prediction, stability evaluation
  • Technical Specifications and GA plans review,
  • Assistance in tendering and yard offers evaluation etc.
Retrofit and Conversion Design

Newbuilding Designs

We can deliver complete package of
engineering documentation and works,
starting from scratch or basing on external
concept/basic/class documentation.

Our strength is in our comprehensive designapproach – we are able to
provide full scope of design in all design branches from hull shape and
structure, through machinery, piping, HVAC up to electrical systems.

Retrofit and Conversion Design

Since our journey started In Shiprepair Yard,
we are familiar with specifics of retrofits and
conversions design – which are ruling own
rights, rather different than newbuilding design.

We can provide You with all parts of the documentation – developed
for specified Yard, in most of the shipbuilding standards. From easy
modifications on single system, up to complex conversion of Offshore
units such as drilling rigs, jack up’s, conversions from Shuttle tankers to

3D Laser Scanning

We are also experienced in Scrubber system
installation and Ballast Water treatment

We have dealed with most of makers and types of those systems.
For reference please see: Completed Projects/BWTS and Completed

Software Used

3D Laser Scanning

We can deliver precise 3D lase scanning on any
type of floating structures. For regular scanning
outside areas endangerade by explosion we are
using our own Faro Focus Scanner.

For EX areas, we are cooperating with other companies that lease
special EX-proof equipment.

Thanks to scanning we are able to
retrieve exact digital model based on point cloud, to prepare
precise documentation for prefabrication.

Software Used

We are using latest software for our
every-day operations:

  • Stability Calculations – NAPA
  • CFD Hull resistance - Openfoam
  • Strength Calculations – Rules – Nauticus
  • Strength Calculations – FEM – ANSYS
  • Hull Structure 3D modelling – CADMATIC HULL
  • Piping Outfitting 3D modelling – CADMATIC
  • Lofting and nesting - Nestix
  • 2D drawings – AutoCAD
  • Hull shape modelling, visualization – Rhinoceros 3D


Our company is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 by Polski Rejestr Statków and AQAP 2120:2016 by CCJ WAT.