Completed projects

Double-ended Ferry SKS 86


Length overall 87.6 m
Length between p.p. 78.0m
Breadth moulded 16.0 m
Design draught 4.5 m
Speed 13 kn
Passengers 300 persons
Cars 86 off
Truck 8 off


Fuel oil 60 t
Fresh water 48 t


DNV +1A1 - R4 - Class Ferry B - PWDK - E0 - RP

Builder Remontowa Shipbuilding S.A.
Gdansk, Poland

General Arrangement

M/f Folkestad double ended ferry was built for Norwegian client Nor-Ferjer Volda A.S. (currently Tide ASA) in 2006. RMDC developed basic project delivered by the Owner to class and workshop documentation.
The ferry can carry 300 passengers and 86 cars or 8 trucks on two decks. Two azimuth thrusters powered by disel engines allow to achieve 13 knots speed.
Passenger space consist of two lounges on main deck. PS lounge with 48 seats and SB lounge with 70 seats and kiosk.Transversal passage under main deck can be used by passengers for communication between sides.