Concept design

Emergency Response & Rescue Vessel


Length overall 48.60 m
Breadth moulded 12.00 m
Depth moulded 5.50 m
Operation draught 4.80 m
Generator sets 3 x 746 kW
Speed 12.0 /4.5 knots
Crew 14 – 19 persons
Survivors 170+110 seats
Treatment room 20 berths


LR +100 A1, +LMC, UMS, IP,

Our brand new vessel is designed in accordance with the requirements of Guidelines for Emergency Response & Rescue Vessel Association (ERRVA) for class B vessels.

It carries out the following operation

  • Rescue of maximum 300 survivors
  • Provide the survivors with a safe heaven and necessary medical assistance
  • Coordination of rescue operation in scene
  • Full duty monitoring of danger zone
  • Reserve radio station
  • To achieve full capability we offer a design with a diesel electric power plant comprising three main diesel generators totally giving 2250 kW of electrical capacity, one aft azimuth thruster and one fore retractable thruster as main prime movers. The thrusters are powered by electric motors and controlled by frequency convertors.

This solution allows us to achieve:

  • Low cost monitoring operation while the vessel is just sailing around the danger zone, then the optimum operation is achieved by running only one generator at most efficient conditions.
  • Fast response at cruise speed at 12 knots while the vessel is heading toward danger zone by full operation of the power plant.
  • High flexibility of the power plant for other sailing mode by selecting different configuration of the running generators.

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