Concept design

RMDC 8747 Safety Standby Vessel


Length overall 47.0 m
Length p.p. 43.2 m
Breadth moulded 11.0 m
Design draught 3.5 m
Depth Moulded to Main Deck 5.0 m
Draft Scantling Moulded 4.0 m
Speed 12.6 knots
Deadweight 500 t
Work Deck Area 150 sq m
Main engines 2 x 1800 kW
Crew 14+10 persons
Survivors 100 persons
Recovery Area - Hospital 20 persons


Fuel oil 200 cu m
Potable water 200 cu m
Water ballast 150 cu m
Dispersant 10 cu m
Foam 20 cu m


LRS:+ 100 A1 + LMC *IWS Fi-Fi 1 Safety Standby Vessel

RMDC 8747 Safety Standby Vessel carries out the following operation:
-rescue of maximum 100 survivors,
-provide the survivors with a safe heaven and necessary medical assistance,
-coordination of rescue operation in scene,
-external fire fighting with water/foam monitor,
-full duty monitoring of danger zone.


-Two capstans with SWL 5 t,
-One tugger winch with SWL 5 t,
-Fast rescue craft for 15 persons.